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Training, Lessons & Clinics


Full Training 

  • 4-5 days a week (16-20 sessions/month)

  • 2 owner lessons/week

    • Show warm-up/rides at shows are not included in training package fees​

Half Training

  • 3 days a week (12 sessions/month)

  • 1 owner lesson/week

    • Show warm-up/rides at shows are not included in training package fees​

Inquire for pricing and scheduling.


  • Sale horses are to be in full training for a minimum of 1 month before being listed for sale

  • Photos and video are included - any costs associated with advertising are to be covered by owner

  • 10% commission to be paid to Alexandra Books Dressage upon sale of horse

Buying can be a daunting task and having someone who you trust to be your advocate can make a world of difference. Alex is available to travel for trying horses and assisting in the buying experience.


All lessons are private and are 45 minutes in length. Each lesson is custom tailored to you and your horse and your goals. Either of the training packages offered can be altered to accommodate more lessons versus training rides.


Contact Alex for rates and availability.Clinics are ch


Travel lessons and training rides will incur a travel fee based on mileage.

Alex already regularly teaches in 

Spokane & Pullman, WA as well as the Moscow, ID area. Monthly clinics will be scheduled during the spring/summer/fall months. 

Please ask for clinic coordinator contact info to be added to the list! 

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