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I have found Alex to be a naturally gifted and talented instructor and trainer. She possesses a strong foundation in the basics of dressage and readily applies them at all the levels. Her approach is strengths-based and her lessons are positive, challenging and fun! I have been training with Alex for a year now and my only regret is that I didn't start training with her earlier. Ande and I had been competing at 3rd level for a couple years and we were stuck, not making progress beyond - especially in the flying changes. I was about to resign myself into believing that we had progressed as far as possible in dressage and that I should make trail riding our primary focus. But then Jessica Wisdom suggested we start working with Alex and when I did things really began to change for us. 

After a winter of hard work with Alex as our trainer and coach we scored 64% in both our 4th level tests at the Donida Farm Spring Fling. 

Showing with Alex as a coach is a very supportive, educational, positive, rewarding and fun adventure! I look forward to our next show and seeing how much Ande and I can learn and accomplish together. With Alex's help, the possibilities abound! 

Martha & Ande
Client since 2019


Carol & Indy
Client since 2019


Working with Alex for the last 2 1/2 years has been a transformative experience for both my horse and me!  Alex has an amazing facility to look at the obstacles to growth, then break them down and address them in a way that is not overwhelming.  Whether she is instructing me or riding Indy herself, she is always patient, clear and kind. My experiences with her have given me so many tools to achieve more consistently successful and solid training rides alone with my horse.  Besides the excitement of continuing my education, our work together has deeply enhanced just the pure joy I feel from riding.  Notably, I have felt and observed my horse's own 'aha' moments under Alex's instruction, and his self confidence and maturity has been so gratifying!  I really cannot recommend her enough for anyone wanting to advance with their riding, but especially so for green or complicated horses.  She will change your lives together.

Katie& Remi
Client since 2018

Alex has helped me so very much the past 2 years. Not only with my tricky horse, but also with my riding in general. She has a great eye for young horses and knows how to help through issues. I found it super helpful that she rode my horse and got me out of the equation for awhile. I would not had been able to work through some of the issues my gelding and I were having if it weren’t for her. I 100% recommend Alex for anyone looking to improve their riding and become partners with their horses to achieve their goals.

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