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About Alex

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"When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny." - Bertice Berry

Alexandra Brooks Dressage offers a boutique style training program that allows Alex to focus more attention to each horse and rider. Instilling confidence and correct basics in every pair is of the utmost importance. Providing clear, concise and structured lessons specified to each individual horse and rider for where they are at in their training and development gives a clear path to building happy and confident horse and rider pairs. She believes there is no cookie cutter approach to training and each horse is their own individual. One of her greatest joys in training and teaching is finding the right form of communication for each partnership.

"My goal in training and teaching is for my students to feel that they have the tools to be better riders and trainers to their own horses, especially when I'm not there to help". 

Alex strongly believes in taking opportunities to expand her own knowledge and continues to grow as an individual and trainer. She works closely with Jessica Wisdom on a monthly basis to help check in with her own riding and training and Jesse Sommerville on a bi-monthly basis. In 2023 she has added Rebecca Rigdon to her group of professionals she works closely with. Additionally she brings in Advanced Physio at least twice yearly for herself and students to check in with their own bodies and for additional insight and eyes on the ground.


Attending symposiums and clinics regularly as a rider or auditor whenever she can is a large part of her continued education and desire to be the best trainer and coach she can be for her horses and riders.Part of her continuing education pursuit has led to to opportunities to ride with fellow professionals and trainers such as Christine Traurig, Anne Gibbons, David Blake and Janet Foy.


She encourages her students to attend clinics as much as possible as she feels everyone has something to teach and learn from others. Regardless of your goals with your horse, dressage can help you reach them. Alex teaches a wide variety of horses and riders of different disciplines and enjoys working with anyone who wants to learn and grow.

If you feel passionately about learning, growing as a rider, have a horse you want campaigned or have show goals and aspirations Alex would love to connect with you to see how she can help you reach those goals! 

Alex is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. 

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